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Life Science and Pharma Solutions

SpheriTech is an independent research, development, and manufacturing company focused on developing novel and innovative polymeric materials which offer wide-ranging application solutions to clients within the life science research, biotechnology, and healthcare industries.

Novel and innovative products

For clients requiring a range of highly innovative products which offer practical benefit and competitive advantage SpheriTech offers: nanoparticles and microparticles for research and diagnostic applications; high-load immobilised enzymes for bulk manufacturing processes; and 3D matrices for efficient cell culture.

Specialised custom services

For clients wishing to access SpheriTech’s internationally recognised services in large scale, non-cGMP, synthesis of complex peptides and their variants; non-cGMP oligonucleotide synthesis; small and large molecule chromatographic purification to exacting standards; and protein immobilisation on multi-gram scales.

Contract research & technology transfer

For clients seeking established expertise, capability, and service provision on a contract basis SpheriTech offers: specialist polymer and DNA/peptide chemistry; process development for cGMP; diagnostic assay development; and novel wound dressing technology and approaches to regenerative medicine.

Licensing of SpheriTech intellectual property

Available to clients is SpheriTech’s broad portfolio of intellectual property covering a diverse platform of technologies with extensive potential in life science research and health care. This intellectual property is available for licensing to those wishing to pursue specific applications either alone or in collaboration with SpheriTech.

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