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Joint Venture with Aquacheck Engineering (21st November 2019)

Spheritech are developing novel biopolymers for removal of toxic heavy metals such as lead from domestic water supplies. A cartridge designed to be installed in domestic households and schools at the points of use such as kitchens and drinking fountains will be launched early in 2020. Aquacheck Engineering Ltd based in Rochdale, a major supplier to the water utility companies has entered into a joint venture with Spheritech to market the cartridges and future developments in water purification. The level of lead in many older domestic properties and schools often exceeds current limits of 10ppb. The new lead filter has already been shown in laboratory trials to have a lifetime equivalent to 8-12 months in a domestic household where it has reduced lead to undetectable levels. Spheritech has also invented a simple point of use lead sensor which will eventually allow householders to test the lead levels in their own water supplies. Spheritech are seeking funding to develop the new device but anticipate that it will detect lead at levels far below current analytical techniques.


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