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Laboratory News Article – 26th July 2021

Read about the history and ambitions of Spheritech at https://www.labnews.co.uk/article/2031426/making-polymers-perform-a-research-and-technical-transfer-story

Treatment of eye infections (21st June 2021)

Keratitis (inflammation of the cornea) is a painful and debilitating eye condition often caused by bacterial and fungal infection. Pseudomonas aeruginosa is the main cause of keratitis among contact lens wearers. Antimicrobial microparticles invented and developed at Spheritech, termed SpheriSomes have now been proven to be more effective than gentamicin in an ex-vivo corneal study killing 99.998% of viable P.aeruginosa compared to 90% with gentamicin.

Alcohol free hand sanitiser (6th May 2021)

The inability to continue with clinical trials during the pandemic forced us to temporarily refocus our attentions to more pressing needs. Alcohol based hand sanitiser gels have many drawbacks including their flammability, toxicity and questionable effectiveness against coronavirus. Spheritech can now announce that our alcohol free barrier cream which consists of antimicrobial microparticles with proven efficacy against bacteria, fungi and coronavirus has been approved for manufacture and sale. This novel 2 in 1 barrier cream is now commercially available under the trade name SpheriLyse. Why SpheriLyse? It consists of antimicrobial spherical microparticles that are proven to lead to cell lysis.

Vaccine delivery (6th May 2021)

Novel technology developed at Spheritech for drug delivery uses self assembled natural fatty acid microparticles for immobilization of proteins, enzymes antibodies, RNA and DNA also provides an optimum delivery system for vaccines. These microparticles, termed SpheriSomes, currently under investigation for mucosal delivery have been tailored to carry a positively charged GRAS approved peptide which facilitates adhesion to negatively charged mucus. This technology is protected by granted patents and Spheritech are seeking partners to develop the next ground breaking technology in Vaccine delivery.

Carus Animal Health signs licence agreement to develop SpheriSome technology

Release date: 15th February 2021

Carus Animal Health and SpheriTech sign licence agreement to develop veterinary applications for SpheriSome® technology

Carus Animal Health has entered into a commercial arrangement with independent research, development and manufacturing company SpheriTech. The two parties have agreed a worldwide exclusive licence for Carus to use SpheriTech’s patented SpheriSome® technology to make, develop and sell products for topical use in a range of veterinary applications.

SpheriTech, founded in 2009 by Don Wellings with a world-class scientific advisory board, focuses on research and development of novel and innovative materials for use in a wide range of industry sectors including healthcare, medical, biotechnology for use in humans and animals. The company has developed a number of patented technologies, including the licensed SpheriSome® technology which, with closely controlled particle size, biodegradability and anti-microbial properties, has wide-ranging uses as a delivery mechanism in many industry sectors.

SpheriSomes® are novel, multi-lamellar microparticles which consist entirely of naturally occurring fatty acids and an organic base. They can be polymerised into a 3D matrix or used as microparticle suspension. The first formulations to be developed will be based on poly-Ɛ-lysine, an antimicrobial peptide discovered in Japan in the 1980s. The resulting SpheriSomes® are innately antimicrobial and disrupt biofilms.

Jolian Howell, Chief Commercial Officer at Carus Animal Health, said: “There is great potential for SpheriSome® technology in animal healthcare, especially as the sector reduces its reliance on antibiotics. SpheriSomes are just the sort of cutting edge, innovative technology we were established by our parent company, Kyoritsu Seiyaku Corporation, to focus on and develop.”

Don Wellings of SpheriTech Limited, said: “We’re delighted to have reached this agreement with Carus Animal Health and look forward to seeing our technology applied to develop new veterinary solutions. The agreement with Carus provides a terrific opportunity for commercialisation of the SpheriSome® technology and reflects our strategic plan of licensing the technology into a wide spectrum of application areas in human and animal healthcare, antimicrobial applications and as an alternative to microplastics.

Notes to Editors:

Carus Animal Health is based in the UK and was established in June 2017. Backed by its parent company, Kyoritsu Seiyaku, which is the largest distributor of animal health products in Japan, Carus is focused on identifying and developing novel technologies which have application in animal health.

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SpheriTech Ltd is based in the UK and was founded in 2009 by Don Wellings, formerly of ICI/Zeneca/Avecia. A highly innovative and creative company, SpheriTech is dedicated to developing environmentally-friendly materials for use in the products of tomorrow, today.

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Interested in improving water quality? (18th February 2020)

Spheritech have now proven that a simple biopolymer can be used to remove lead from domestic water supplies. Although it is well known that the lead content in many millions of UK homes and, more frighteningly, in thousands of schools, exceeds safe legal limits there is a lack of interest from utility companies to solve the problem. It is simpler to pay the fines rather than solve the problem. Spheritech are open to offers for collaborative development of technology which works. Cartridges containing this environmentally friendly biopolymer have now been shown to exceed 12 months life-time for usage in an average household. The company also have scalable environmentally friendly technology that could be applied to schools and areas of major concern such as hospitals.

US Patent Granted for HBOCs (4th December 2019)

Haemoglobin based oxygen carriers (HBOCs) have applications in wound healing, perfusion of donated transplant organs and ultimately in trauma. A patent filed by Spheritech in 2017 has now been granted in the US (patent number US 10,471,130 B2). The company has, in effect, created microparticles which mimic artificial red blood cells comprised entirely of fatty acids and haemoglobin. These microparticles have the advantage that they are the same order of magnitude as red blood cells and as such do not pass through capillary walls in the same way as other HBOCs in development. This new HBOC, termed SpheriSome Hb has already been shown to maintain porcine kidneys in ex-vivo perfusion models and is currently under development for transplant organ perfusion.

Artificial blood is no longer a pipe dream

Since early announcements ( https://www.mirror.co.uk/lifestyle/health/scientists-created-artificial-human-blood-11759287 ) the haemoglobin based oxygen carrier (HBOC) under development at Spheritech is moving forward rapidly. The first biological study to turn this novel HBOC into a perfusion fluid for transplant organ maintenance has begun in a 3 year study funded by a UK charity. A formal announcement will follow in due course.

Joint Venture with Aquacheck Engineering (21st November 2019)

Spheritech are developing novel biopolymers for removal of toxic heavy metals such as lead from domestic water supplies. A cartridge designed to be installed in domestic households and schools at the points of use such as kitchens and drinking fountains will be launched early in 2020. Aquacheck Engineering Ltd based in Rochdale, a major supplier to the water utility companies has entered into a joint venture with Spheritech to market the cartridges and future developments in water purification. The level of lead in many older domestic properties and schools often exceeds current limits of 10ppb. The new lead filter has already been shown in laboratory trials to have a lifetime equivalent to 8-12 months in a domestic household where it has reduced lead to undetectable levels. Spheritech has also invented a simple point of use lead sensor which will eventually allow householders to test the lead levels in their own water supplies. Spheritech are seeking funding to develop the new device but anticipate that it will detect lead at levels far below current analytical techniques.