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Handbook Foreword

A Practical Handbook of Preparative HPLCDon Wellings asked me to write a foreword to his book and I am honoured and glad to do so. I have known Don for more than fifteen years and I place him among the top prep chromatographers in the world today, alongside people like Gregor Mann and Jules Dingenen.

Having been involved from the start in the creation and the establishment of the Kromasil silica-based media business, during many years as General Manager, I have experienced the impressive development of preparative HPLC over the last twenty years. The technique is now as important to learn as other standard operations, such as distillation and crystallization. It is often the only way of achieving sufficiently high purity of biotech products.

Preparative HPLC plays a large role in the education programs for chemical engineers and will do so even more in the future. I have to admit that I myself have not read any book about preparative HPLC except this one – the reason being that when I graduated in 1965 there were few, if any, books available on the subject. I am convinced, however, that this book is an ideal one for use at the universities, or for anybody interested in Preparative HPLC.

For regulatory people not directly involved in the technical process, this book gives a very good guidance in how to deal with validation issues like GMP. If you know little about DAC, and if you are not experienced in optimizing HPLC processes by utilizing positive self displacment and avoiding tag along, this book will be of high value.

The book is very nicely written and can very well defend its place among any other book you may read, whether in a laboratory setting, or even during your vacation perhaps in a sailing boat moored in a quiet natural harbour, or in a comfortable chair under a shady tree in an English graden.

Hans Liliedahl
Triple Moose Technologies